VIP ROOM have huge and expenssive room.
VIP ROOM have huge and expenssive room.
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Take note: this lady sleep early 10pm. So visit her during day time. Thank you for understanding
Good Day Everyone. My name is Maria Isabella Gonzalez, a 26 years of age. All the way from the beautiful country Mexico. I love traveling all over the world and India is one of my favorite country to visit. My family and friends are also living abroad specifically Scotland. I am very nice/kind woman and friendly person. I love to make friends. I always travel in India and i gained a lot of friends here. I love giving good service with great body massage. With or without oil. I stay always into a fabulous 5 star hotel wherever i travel into different city of India. I am well educated and my parents raised me with good heart and treat people nicely. Because kindness is very important to us. I am single woman, a good daughter to my family and a very responsible woman. I always help my family and our community. I always conducted feeding program to all those poor area in our community in Acapulco. I help and support some charity because i do believed that we should share the blessings we have to those who are in needs. I love helping people, i am an ambassadress of goodwill. I was born to help people, and by supporting my services i was able to expand my help to others by giving them food, shelter and medical needs. Hope you always support my travel in India and support the services that i offer because i’m not just helping my self but i also extend help to my community because a lot of people who are in needs. Once again this is Maria, your beauty with a purposed woman. An advocate of love. And a true queen that always there to extend love in the community. Because this lady was raised with a golden heart. Hope to see you guys! And i am very kind to communicate you thru whatsapp. Love Indians and i am excited to meet you….. love Maria
Soy una mujer agradable con buena actitud. Soy muy dulce con mi cliente. trabajo este tipo de trabajo, porque ayudo a mi madre que sufre de cáncer. Espero que me apoyes en mi viaje aquí. muchas gracias india por esta oportunidad y siempre vuelvo aquí porque la gente aquí es muy agradable y amable. Gracias!!!
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